Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Night and Yadda

{As you sit there and stair at the photo....find yourself on the bench, relax, and enjoy the tranquil of the moment.}
Well life here has been busy for me lately. I am trying to learn a few more projects of fun....reading Tea leaves, and mastering or should I say trying to Master The" Secret." I find them both intriguing. Right now on the morrow I will be on my second week course, of the online version. My sister gave me the DVD for my birthday, and I enjoyed watching it, and surfed the web and found the course. What it all breaks down to is positive thinking produces positive energies in your life. This I always believed and after watching the DVD it all seemed to make sense to me. There was one guy on the tape and he always said how he knew there would be a parking space for him when he went any where. I found that to be funny because when ever I go shopping I always pull into around the same location because I think they hold this one open for me. Grant it, it is near the door and with in 4 spots and no it is not a handicap spot. It might sound weird to some, it does to me but now I have a answer to why it happens. I am making more progress with the "Secret" than with the tea leaves. I am going to take them on holiday and master them both. Last night I went shopping and hanging out with my little sister Midgie. We had such a hoot, and she is more outgoing than I. I tried to explain that to Linda and she couldn't see how any one could be. I really think it runs in our genes. I always wonder how other families are, if they are close to one another, and caring. Most of the times I find they are not. They all grow up and get families of their own and only see one another at wedding and funerals, or special holiday's. I am so thank full that I can call and say hi to any one of of them and see what there doing, besides a "Occasion". Families should be like a extension of your friendship circle......On that thought ....Happy Trails!

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