Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Searching for answers

Well to some it might seem like I haven't been on the putor much these past two days. But I have, I added sticky notes, and

and that little box of the whatchamacallit. I managed to put them on and now how the hell do I use them. I wanted to put a posty up with my answers to Situation Sunday, a fellow blogger suggested I do, but they didn't tell this blonde polack how---Hello...Any info would be great, or pictures and a step by step procedure would really help. I leave for holiday in 3 more days. Nothing is packed, well I can't really say nothing the blazer is full. {J} has done his part as always packing us up. All I need to get ready is my one bag, and I look forward to fun. Our camp site will be right next to Bobby & Katie, grant it they are sleeper in ers and we are am people. The boys will love waking up early and exploring the am, it will be fun all around. The only pitfall is my camera is still waiting for a part. I love taking photo's and miss not having it....On the part of Fuji I would not recommend sending a camera for repair, under warranty. Grant it if I had to pay the cost,the freakin thing would have been ready in 2 days, and they would be waiting on my doorstep to get paid. Perhaps they keep it there longer till the warranty runs out. Next camera shall not be from them, I will study and see the closest place to look to fix one before I buy one.....Happy Trails!!

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