Saturday, June 30, 2007

Situation Sunday #13

Situation Sunday

#1} Some-one has left a small baby on your door step. The note says that the baby is 6months old and they can not raise it any longer- A brain tumor is consuming the mother and she has no where to turn, she feels that a orphanage and the courts system will not help, and begs in the note for you to raise. She has enclosed 1/4 of a million dollars in cash to help......What do you do?

#2} A parent has passed away, you are one of the siblings that have inherited the monetary amount of their assets. You and 2 other siblings have equal share. There is a four sibling that received nothing but a mention in the will; the mention is that the parent has given so much to the 4Th child over the years as they blew all their own money on drugs. The parent has supplied cars, food, paid the bills, covered the mortgage. All of it is there in the will, and all have received a copy of it. Also by now the 4Th child has cleaned up their act and has been drug free for 1 year. What do you do, or react or say to the 4Th child?
#3} You are hiking alone, up a dried ravine that you have stumbled across. As you start to explore and go farther along....a boulder falls and lands on your right leg. Try as you might you cannot free it. You have no cell phone, and no-one is around for miles. You wait 3 days hoping someone would come by,,,no luck. Could you use your pocket knife and cut your leg free? What do you do?


Jennifer said...

Oh, am I impressed with me now. I have it scheduled to post at 5 am, so look out. I never get ahead of myself like this. There is something wrong. LOL....

James G. Mason said...

Hi! Loved your site. I dont have a personal weblog, just a few specialized sites, so I can't play by the Daily Meme rules. But I answered Situation #2 anyway. I'll post it here for amusement of your readers.

Situation Sunday number Two
the Case of the Drug Addled Would Be Inheritor:

In a conciliatory act of compassion for the fourth sibling, which recognizes him for his one year of sobriety and upward mobility, the inheritors with the bucks should divided the inheritance by four. Except that those funds should be placed in a trust with conditions dependant upon his behavior to come. The funds should be divided into the number of years the drug using brother had abused the love of his parents, for example twelve years of borrowing, promising, stealing their money and their possessions. Then for each year sober and decent, with the perimeters to be set by the siblings, the sibling will receive one twelfth of his or her inheritance. Nothing like the ability to congratulate, be compassionate toward a past defunct sibling, have a monitory incentive for staying sober and doing no harm, only good.

-James Mason
Lyons, Georgia

Cat. said...

I'm up. These were hard this time, for some reason. Hmmm....
But I like James' reply about #2; wish I'd've thought of that!

Marie said...

Difficult questions to answer really. But I tried. :-)