Monday, July 02, 2007


These last few days have flew by for me. Unfortunately they really were not as I planned. I wanted hot sweltering weather. Yesterday we were going hang out on our island on the river. Have a cook-out with a few friends, but it was chilly for that. So we cancelled that and went hiking down the tracks. This picture is taken from the bank. After our hike we did a little biking. I just love my new bike!!!. I went out to MomA's to see her, and her digital picture frame that my sister gave her was gone. She got that for her 8oth birthday....It was filled with ton of memories for her and it got stolen. I can't see how a person can rip the elderly off like that. Here they go from having a one small room with not even a 1/4 of their treasures, the only furniture that is really theirs is a recliner and TV,,,and a small re fridge- The rest is the homes. They decorate it with pictures to hold on to the memories, and this digital photo frame held a lot. My sister paid a little over $150. for it. Now some one is deleting all of her memories and replacing it with pictures of their cruel. I believe in Karma and for that they shall loose something close to them, will they think when it happens... that maybe they brought upon their bad luck....I doubt it...but I hope something will teach them right from wrong, and eat at their conscience to do good....................Happy Trails!!!!

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