Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday....& Sunday Brunch

This is a old shot of the sunset taking on my x-country ski trip this past year. I just the the way the sun gleams through the trees. I read my astro sign for today and it says I am in a party type mood. I was actually going to be, and get together with friends tonight, but now I am torn with staying home and catching up on things. So I will have my Sunday free to go to our island. Also my sister Anna has sent me the DVD " The Secret" and I am dying to watch it. I checked it out on the cyber world and heard a lot of positive feed about it. Oprah, and Larry King to name a few have raved about it. It is a inspirational life changing film. I shall tell you about it when I am done. As I think upon my situations for Sunday, I shall post my Sunday's Brunch. Unfortunately it's not yet listed in the daily Meme, but soon.

Sunday Brunch......Grap a cup of Joe..and have fun!

Which do you prefer list:

1} Carrot cake Chocolate cake Strawberry shortcake

2}Banana cream pie Apple pie Coconut Custard

3} Grilled- Hot dog Hamburger Chicken

4} A hike-- At the beach Mountains Groomed park

5} Bike riding rollerblading Horseback

6} Boating : Kayak canoe motorized

7} A novel-- Suspense Thriller Love story

8} music--- Country Rapp Instrumental

9} Entertainment- Nightclub Movie Circus

10} Shopping--Food Clothes garden supplies

Out of this list,, I am planning my weekend. Perhaps you shall too.

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