Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This shot is of NYC. Down at the port. My parents grew up in NYC...in Brooklyn. My one Grandfather had a store,,but due to my Grandmother giving away most of the stuff for free they sold that business. I can see how I have inherited my Grandmother's heart of helping people. No one yet has answered the Situation Sunday,,,So I shall go back and fill in my answers. I have received a lot of good knowledge from over at Rose's site,,,,http://bloggertalk.net it is a very good site for gainning pc smarts...and finding a lot of interesting blogs. I also am working on making some buttons there,,,should be great to see how they come out. I am sure my adventures at the home might bore some people,,,but if they help to just open your eyes before you put a love one away,,,and you check out the home really good,,,,then I have succeeded in helping----Last night the state was there doing their audit of the place,,,no one was on our floor during supper and they really should have been there then,,,,1 nurse from a agency and 1 CNA were in the dinning room during meal time.....all the regular aides disappeared,,,about 9 people didn't get to eat anything,,,or drink anything,,,sitting helping my patient I could hear this one lady with crippling arthritis's begging for help,,,I couldn't stand it any longer,,,I got up and gave her a drink,,,,put her food closer to her,,cut up her sandwich so she can eat some of it. It totally pissed me off. Today I hope the state is still there,,,and I shall take advantage of the number they post.....On another note---Spring is hiding from us here in the North East!! The sun is out but it is COLDDDD. The high at the most will be 35 today,,,My little sister Midgy is still getting lots of snow up in Rome, NY. Moving from Minnesota to Rome,,,the winters were much milder in the west than here this year. Enjoy the sun at least,,,it will go back into hiding on Wednesday!!! Happy Trails!!!
PS. Check out Capt. Bill on a raft. The Veteran raising money for a shelter in Florida for Veteran's. He is living on a raft for a month to raise money. And eating what he catches,,,some days are tougher than others for him. Check it out and help him if you can,,,and spread the word about him. http://veteranshaven.com

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