Wednesday, April 11, 2007

wordless wensday

{SsssHHHHS.....Like in a library,,,it's wordless Wednesday....So I would like every one to remain Quiet....Calm the kids down in the background! Make your spouse get up and get his own beer.....When I was little my Mom would race around the house and get my Dad what ever he wanted as if his legs were broken.....Even now as I am a somewhat adult,,,and we are at gatherings my Mom feels the need for Me to get my {J} his food from the buffet table or get him a drink....She does not understand me and why I make him get his own,,,or make him get me a drink,,,,LOL times have changed,,,,Enjoy Wordless Wednesday!!! Happy Trails!!!!!


vlado&toni said...

This is an intersting shot. It just looks a bit dangerous to be out there. You know where most plots in hollywood gangster movies dump their bodies (or kill their vitims)Oopps I think I watch too many movies. Happy W.W.

Helena said...

LOL,,,it was a extremely safe spot,,about 25 feet either way is a house,,,and it is off a pretty busy road,,,but as I look closely now....humm is that a hand I see in the