Sunday, April 08, 2007

Situation Sunday

{ Sometimes in Life...situations arrive that seem so big at the moment,,,but as time passes on we realize how trivial they were at the time.} Here in the picture...the people are all tall and proud and having fun,,,,but yet see how small they look in comparison of the boats,,a metaphor of life. So for Sunday's I was thinking of starting a "Situation Sunday",,,I'll present 1 or perhaps 2 scenario's and you describe how you would handle them. You can either post your blog to that effect,,,or answer in the comment box,,,I know I have a very wrinkles in this ,,,but as I iron them out it might be amusing,,,shall try it and see how it goes...............
Situation Sunday;
1} You are either married or been with someone a long time. Life is good,,,,not great,,but good. You meet someone that you have a great connection to,,,,you feel strong that this is really your "soul mate" .....What do you do?
2} You have inherited a large amount of money from a distant family member that you never even knew. You are the only one to get all of their fortune,,,they had children but do to a falling out they have they have left them nothing,,,what do you do?
3} You are asked to watch some ones house when they are away,,,You accidentally left the front door unlocked and the home got burglarized,,,do you admit not locking the door and setting the alarm system or not?

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Minivan Bohemian said...

I am married. I am not married to my soul mate. I do love him very much and would never wish to cause him any pain. I am afraid of situtaion 1 happening, so I am very careful about who I flirt with. We have children. I made a committment more so when I agreed to make babies with him than when I agreed to marry him. I am in this for the long haul. "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with." I could never act on it...