Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another old ruines of a homestead. This one is from Burden ville,,A old mining town,,,that disappeared in time. When I see old buildings like this, I think if the walls could talk and let out it's secrets, what would it tell us. Yesterday was a bummer of a day for good camera broke. Not even a year old. The LCD screen is shot....It appears you can only drop them so many times. Work at the PO was heavy,,,then I race up to the "home",,,and the regular nurse is on a months leave,,,there are a few aides there that don't like me,,,do to personality conflicts,,,{ I have a great one,,,And theirs suck}. They are younger and I really think they are jealous of my relation ships with the residents. Supper went good and all and as I was getting ready to leave I was confronted by the nurse and reprimanded for giving another patient 2 tiny packages of saltine crackers for his soup. She went on and on about "Suppose he was on a salt restrict diet. I didn't even tell her I knew him from the 5th floor,,,and I USED to help pass out trays so I am familiar with his diet,,,Nor did I tell her 2 weeks ago we had a pizza party,,,and if he was on a low sodium diet he would not have been able to join us. She was just trying to be a bitch,,because the snotty freakin aide put her up to it. I did not argue my point,,,,It was 2 small packages of crackers, 4 total squares in all. I got home and sent a E-mail to the administrator of the home,,,I am awaiting her call. I feel the aide should be fired for her attitude,,,and the nurse questioned on her ethics and how she handled the situation. It is like elementary.

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