Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, I am back from my travels and now going throu a wondering time of my life. When I left I had 2 jobs that kept me very busy....but as any one really knows me I liked being busy and hectic...that is I! If I am not doing one thing I am doing the other. I was at a home care case and doing great at it,( 9 months...and grant it I wasnt going to stay much longer...my choice) the next thing I know is my younger sister brings this homely, ok...her friend in to cover my vacation, nd the next thingyou know and I am out. And it really freaking blows my mind how blood can help a stranger aka friend out over a sister. I guess sometimes in life peoples priorities are different and what is inportaint to one person is flybouent to another. But I guess I am very glad for this slow down period in my life.....It helps me to have time off and think and slow down and enjoy life. Years ago I worked less.....had a pup tent and went camping a lot. I could give a f@ck what any one thought.....It was happy and free. Then I moved up in life.....worked had....got a RV and wondered if I was keeping up with the Jone's......our boat got bigger and I thought I was.....I travel and all is Great with the world.....Now I am going slow down .....climb back in the pup tent and appreciate me being Me. Work on my gardens....flowers...vegetables....and life.....Happy Trails!!!.....(spell check not working nor is pic, UGh)

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