Sunday, March 22, 2009

Situation Sunday # 69

Bead People by Helena
Welcome....I know I have lacking in my posts of Situation Sunday...but Hey I have heard no complaints so all is Cool. Now on with the Situations. Remember to use your imagination and No cell phones to help you.

Situation # 1

With the recession going on your family is having a hard time getting everything paid and just keeping your head above water. You have asked your 2 young adult children to help out....(they are 16 and17).....They agree to get part time jobs and each make out about $150 a week. But when it comes time to forking over some of the money to help out....they decide to keep it and waste it on clothes and junk food.....What do you do?

Situation # 2

You are out hiking in a remote wooded area and come across a serial killer in the process of killing his 24 person. He doesn't know you are watching him....What do you do?

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