Monday, April 13, 2009

Home From My Holiday

Last Friday I hopped on a train here and headed down to Penn. That part of the journey was easy, and may I add comfortable. From there I hopped on train #91 to Florida.....I was assigned a seat...that was good untill we hit Jersey and they put this lady that was very nice, but she filled her seat and some of mine which if I was wanting to touch some one, she would not want to be my choice....sorry but I needed at least 2 inches between us. I asked to move and he really didn't want to give me a neither seat....he was like the Amtrak seat Nazi, Finally I did get to move to a seat alone for a bit. But, as we hit Washington I now had a new seat companion. This little boy that was going to Disney world with is Grandmother and sister...they sat across from us. He was so addorable I loved talking with him. His Grandmother broke her leg skiing, and his sister broke her leg the night before jumping down the stairs. I gotta give that lady credit for still going on the trip. Around 10 pm that night I was finally able to secure a cabin on the train, Yippie my own Toilet and bed. I think I fell asleep about 1 am and enjoyed a good night's sleep. The room is very small but it is so worth it. My sister in Florida laughed at me....she said I could have been there already and the price I spent I could have flown first class. But you know I would travel that way again.....The journey getting there is half the fun.....More tails on my travel on the morrow......Happy Trails!!!

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