Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Who watched the show last night? I thought it was going to be a cat fight at first. I really have to give some of those chicks credit....If I was Jillian I would have been pissed....I probably would have said something to the fact like I am glad you didn't pick me....I felt nothing when we spent the night together.....Who am I kidding I wouldn't even had the balls to go and be on that. I watched the show after that....The Most Beautiful person inside and out.....Those 3 were just average looking people.....grant it the guys had bodies that you wanted to be nekid' next to but there faces were just average, They were given situations where they were tested, but they were just normal crap.
I am much more beautiful than that and it just comes natural, I do more good things for the next person with out even realizing I have been kind till the moment passes. some people don't need a reality show to pick them they just know they are beautiful inside and out....At least I know it!!!Happy Trails!!!

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