Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And The Rose Goes to Me

There are a few shows I am addicted to. Lost, The Bachelor and Cash Cab. Those I watch regular. There are also a few I enjoy watching when I can: Survivor, Army Wives, Desperate Housewives, Wife Swap. This past Monday night on Bachelor (the guy in the picture)it was down to 3 ladies..(Picture below)...on one episode he got to sleep with all of them Jillian, Melissa and Molly. Jillian did not receive a rose and got sent home it made me think she wasn't good in bed. It was as if he had to ride them all to see who he wanted. I could see his point in doing this, but I felt sorry for her. I am sure when he asked her to spend the night she really thought , he won't send me home now....he loves me. The same for Molly and Melissa. I hope he ends up with Melissa and maybe by next week we will see. I sure wish I could have had 12 guys at once to choose from. Then down to the last 4 sleep with them all at a different romantic setting, to see who I wanted to spend my married life win. But then there was a time where he was one of the bachelors on a show where he was picked up to the end and he even purposed to the chick, before she turned him down while millions of onlookers watched.Humm, on Cash Cab it is a game show where you hitch a cab in NYC and once you get in it, lights go off and you get asked questions, and with the right answer you get a cash and as the questions get harder the money goes's a pretty fun show to watch. With Lost, it is about survivors of a crash, on this tropical island that is full of mystery. Those that left after being rescued have to go is totally confusing, but the fun part is trying to figure it all out........Now it is back to watching Lost and having Happy Trails!!


BookWormz said...

hahahha= I'm addicted to the bachelor too, and I loved your line about how whats-her-name must not be good in bed! I hadn't thought of that before, but maybe you're right! haha!

Le laquet said...

I so think it's barbaric that he sleeps with three different women - I don't think I'd want him at the end if I knew he's slept with someone else whilst "trying me out". Glad you're enjoying the show though ;o)

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