Friday, February 06, 2009

Busy With Facebook

(Rays shine down from the Heavens above, to warm the Earth and our hearts, during the cold winter months- Helena
Greetings from the North East! It has been frigid here for the most part. We would get a few breaks from the cold than ,slap we get hit again with it. It has been a rough winter here, lots of snowy days and icy days. More snow than last year, which is good in some ways, I got to go cross country skiing a lot more than last year. I have been doing it alone, which is the sad part. Friends all seem to working on the days that I am free, and me working when they are not. Ugh! But I do get to see the beauty in nature and all. A little so much that it spooks me at times. At work I ski on my down time, there is a small patch of woods in between the house and the pond. The pond is rather large it is jointly owned by a few land owners. I ski around the pond and the beginning of the season I noticed a lot of deer tracks around the woods, all around the pond. And now I notice no deer tracks at all, but tons of other tracks......either mountain lions, or coyotes. Not really sure what they are but I can see them all over, even where the rest, and use the bathroom. At times I feel like part of the food chain out there. I am waiting for the full moon when i is bright at night and I can safely look out my bedroom window and see what is out there. My suspense grows. On another note I have also been very busy with face book. Having loads of fun keeping in touch with family and friends. Been having fun there passing drinks, throwing snowballs and water balloons and yes...ease dropping onto other siblings.....I just love it! Well time to go on and have Happy Trails!!!


bskaad said...

Hi Helena.

first of all, thanks for the comment on my posting.

I had to smile, when you where writing you are cross country skiing..
Nothing wrong about it, but in my little head only the Scandinavians are skiing for fun.
But of curs others do too, just didn't think about it.

Looks like you are doing god, and thats nice to know.
Put on yout ski and enjoy it, if no other want to come.. Their loss.

Laane said...

What a wonderful area to live.
You make me feel I should learn to sky, but even tough parts of europe are confronted with huge piles of snow, we should be grateful for seeing a few in the air at the moment.
Whenever they come down.

Have a nice week.

Let's Mingle! :)

Bev Sykes said...

Isn't Facebook fun? I'm amazed at how many friends I have re-discovered there!

Came here through Let's Mingle.

Indigo said...

It sounds lovely!

Happy mingling!