Monday, December 29, 2008

My updates

Christmas time is such a busy time, I really am glad it is over so I can relax! I had so much work to do these past 2 weeks I couldn't wait to exhale. I was rushing here and there doing work, trying to shop it was freaking crazy. I never mailed out my Christmas cards, only like 8 of them......I still might mail them out, perhaps in August when I am on vacation and have time. It's funny Christmas time comes the same time every year but being a procrastinator I always have not enough time to do things. The holiday its self was very nice. We had snow and seeing and spending time with family is always fun. I got a lot of nice presents from every one. My favorite gift was my new is a kodak digital with a 12x zoom. I am still learning how to use it as a pro. These pictures of the deer were taken only a few feet from them.....My brother has them near his house and they are use to me. The first shot you can see the deer sticking his tongue out at me such a playful thing.

The last shot is of the sunset last night in the city....The sky was so colorful. Well now I gotta run to work. I can't wait to get done. I am redoing a old bed that I got out of the attic. It is probably close to a 1oo years old and someone painted it a bright yellow....I removed that layer of paint and found 2 more layers under that of various shades of white. I probably should have tried to keep the last layer on but I want to stain it so it matches the other furniture. I have been working on it for 12 hours so far, (J) says I am crazy I should just go out and buy one. But it will be much better knowing how hard I worked on it....when I am done I shall post a picture. For now.......Happy Trails!!!


bskaad said...

Hi Helena.
I understand that your Christmas was nice, at least when it comes to the gift...

I hope to see allot of pictures from you, now when you have a new camera. i just love pictures posted on the blog's, it's so nice to see pictures from around the world.

I wish you the best and a good and happy new year.

Helena said...

Thank You so much my friend! Hope your Holiday was wonderfull. Wishing you a joyous New Year!!