Monday, December 08, 2008

my yadda

{This is a old picture I have taken over the summer, it is like one of my favorites...A lone jogger on the beach, on a misty morning}

Time lapses inbetween my blogging. Seems like I am always so busy doing one thing or another. I really wanted to post Situation Sunday this past weekend. But we had our town's Christmas walk Saturday night, that was so much fun. Midgie and her husband and my 3 nephews all went with us, and the twins spent the night. The next morning Chef Ramsey....aka (J) cooked us all our favorite breakfast, Eggs any way we liked. That was very nice. And Sunday was spent holiday shopping with Midgie and Jessica....which was always fun for me.....I got a new sweater....scarf....Hat...leggins...oh, I was also able to find (J) a few things that will be a total surprise....whoo hoo!! And also this past week my nephew Johnathan passed his driving test...Yippie I am so proud of him....And all the hours of driving with him will be over,,,I will so miss that and the fun we had. But I still need to teach RJ and also Mikie so that I am sure will be fun. This am I was watching the news on Holiday Tipping, I swear most advice is so off the mark...Peter Post...Great-Grandson of Etiquette Expert Emily Post states for Home Health Aides =Home health employees: A gift, but check with the agency first, as most agencies have a no-gifts or no-tips policy. If this is the case, consider giving a donation to the agency. Give me a break on that,,,give to the agency Not!! Give to the aide that is proving the service of excellent care!And most of the Home Health Aides that Live-in help (nanny, housekeeper, cook, butler): One week's to one month's salary based on tenure and customs in your area, plus a personal gift, now that is much better. Also he states, Newspaper deliverer: $10 to $30 they bring you the paper....and they get that...Excuse me and the letter carrier who brings your important mail=Letter carriers: U.S. government regulations permit carriers to accept gifts worth up to $20 per occasion, not cash : now again I say that is hogwash! Use your own judgement and base that on the service you your mail correct or do you constantly get your neighbors? Is your carrier friendly and professional? Do you find your packages up a tree or near your door? And just to inform the public the carriers are under a lot of pressure from management cutting their hours to do the same job with increasing boxes. They go through a lot of bull at least at our office. Management must get a large bonus on the backs of carriers, they get a check.....not a gift under $20....So use your head while tipping this year. Being the holiday season for giving I will be doing my annual fund drive for needy adults...(me), that would like a few extra gifts. Updates on that on a later date.....For now it is off to the race....( trying to get my route done in the allowed( hogwash) time , and hoping the postmaster is off doing her other thing. Happy Trails!!

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bskaad said...

Hi Helena..
Long time no see.. Hope you are alright and life i smiling your way.

I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

In bergen everything is just fine, the princess i 1/2 year now, and growing allot..