Friday, December 19, 2008

Here in the Great North East, it seems we are almost out of the woods from the last storm, and a new one has hit. Last Thursday we got a ice storm and most places were with out power, and heat. The post office being one of those places. But it was sorta fun wearing our own, not Government supplied; head light gear so we could sort the mail. Of course that day the postmaster left after a couple of hours and who could blame her....I would have if I could...but I was not management. I had to deliver the mail. You know the saying...Snow , rain or all the crap the mail goes through... Most places were with out power till Tuesday....some still are with out. And today we got hit with a snow storm. The roads were treacherous delivering the mail. If all the mail boxes were on even terrain it might not have been so bad but needless to say they were not. I never thought I would see so many stupid thoughtless people in one day as I say today, from pulling out unexpectedly { no matter when that is never a go0d thing.

I could not wait for the day to be over. Dreading going back to the post office and having the postmaster Bitch because I ran 10minutes over on my delivery time...ugh I dreaded it and stressed my self out so much I got a freakin headache. But when I got back she said great job, you really did a great job. I am proud of you. You know that made it worth it. I always do a great job and never get the recognition for it, today I did. And right like that my head ache went away. As you can see these storms all have their beauty in them if only we look for the silver cliche" I know....Happy Trails!!

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