Saturday, September 06, 2008


Wow, I can't believe September is here....Yikes summer is almost over. This month should be a fun month.....With so many things to do, Sunday we hit Mohegan sun for play and fun. Monday we shall venture to the Cape and stay there till Thursday. I am looking forward to that, and checking out Martha's Vineyard. I am sure I will have loads of great shots to post. Then on Sunday we have a BBQ, at our club. I decided to go and get raffle prizes and the list for that is getting good with $25 gift certificates to great restaurants....{ I went to all the places I love to eat at, LOL.} And also on Sunday, I will start Situation Sunday, So mark your calendar for that! Now I must get ready and tackle the day....doing a double duty day with changing hats at 5pm....Shall be home Sunday then its off to fun,,,,Yippie...Happy Trails!!

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