Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

The day's here are definitely getting shorter. By 8pm now it is dark. It is beautiful during the day, weather in the high 70's low 80's. The Sand swallows have left their sand castle homes and headed south. It seems like this summer flew by. I still have not completed my kayak trips or for that matter started them. We have only camped 2 times. This Sunday we did make it down to the Round out, in Kingston NY. The photo is taken up the creek of a colorful barge.We ate at my favorite restaurant Ship To Shore. The food was fabulous. And the service was good, not great just good. I was disappointed in the ride going back, (J) went fast, I hate going fast. He said just till the Saugerties light house,,,,once we hit it he slowed right down.....for 5 minutes then it was back up on plane. Once we got near our island he slowed down so I could swim....but by that time I didn't even want to, I said just go on lets get home. I really am trying to figure him out before I waste any more time. Most of the time he seems unhappy and mad at every one. Nothing he seems to do brings about any happiness to him. We were suppose to take our pop up camper and camp at our boat club. It was something I was looking forward to. Then 2 days before we were to go, he said no we are not camping, you are working and I don't want to discuss it or argue about it. In my head I hear " I have spoken, my word is all that needs to be heard, that is it, you are dismissed" I said screw you in sailor talk, and you know you really suck. That was all I said before I left for my other job. Did I mention I worked all day in the heat and delivered the mail, and now I was going to work again all night and do the mail again. I didn't have to be to work till 9am on Thursday and Friday and I had visions in my head of jumping into the cool river in the morning and bathing. Kayaking after work and having fun. I also planned a BQ at club with my sister Midgy and her children. I invited my brother Bobby and Mike and their family but they couldn't make it. We did have the cookout...but soon as we got to the club (J) headed right to the grill to cook. No fun....I think he had it in his head he had to cook,,,but I really was capable of doing that...and I would have had a smile on my face. Years ago I tried to teach him if you can't do it with love in your heart and happiness don't do it at all. Times I think he is like a vampire...but instead of blood he tries to drain the joy and happiness out of my life. Perhaps he is trying to capture some of that for his self...who knows. Speaking of joy....time to get ready for work and have fun doing it. I also must pick a bunch of flowers to bring to my Momma' at the end of the day.....Happy Trails!!!

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bskaad said...

Hi you.
Your life sounds just like the one i had with my Ex, maybe thats why she is my Ex.

Don't tired your selves on hopples projects..