Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just checking In

It seems like I drifted away from the pc....At night I come home and once I turn on the TV, something catches my eye and there I remain. This season I got hooked on Big Brother. I never really watched it before but now I am rooting for Keesha ( spelling I am sure is wrong) or Dan to win. Stupid I know but it is fun, lol. Next week I have a total full load of work, doing the mail all week, and raising to my other job by 5pm. I actually love keeping busy. ( J ) will be hanging out doing his thing, he is more hooked on the TV than I, I think he has it on 24/7....Ugh. This shot is from Plum Island, when you walk along the beach you see numerous drift wood art. Where people gather the pieces and form some type of construction. This one I did...I gathered all the items from all over the beach and put it together, It is my sail boat. ( J ) sat ignoring my art actually I think he was pretending he didn't know the chick in the bikini dragging the the wood and playing. LOL but I had a great time doing it. Now it's 7:30 am, I need to be to work by 8am....Still need to shower....get gas in the truck and drive 15 minutes to work.....can I do it....Yes....Well lets just say I will try my hardest.....Happy Trails!!!!

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