Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Yadda On Platium Weddings

Lately I have been watching TV. Usually I just keep it on Lifetime, or a news channel and keep it on for noise, as I am doing something else. But this past week I have been watching different channels, and there are a lot of them, lol. I have seen this preview of this show called Platinum Weddings, I have not watched it but the concept of spending $75,000 for a wedding is crazy. Then I hear the average prize of a wedding is $28,000 how freaking crazy is that. Now I am not a frugal person but if I was to get married I would keep it so much more simple and use the extra money on something that would last. I would invite 20 - 30 close friends, ok 75 counting my close family.....I would have some one cook up 50 lbs of Barillo Pasta.....A separate bowl of meat balls for the vegans.....a huge pot of sauce....a huge pot of oil and garlic and a salad....Total cost $100, shoot I forgot the Veno,,,ok make that $150.00 thats it. No need for gifts, our gift is saving all that freaking money! Ok, before I go any farther.......I am not getting married! Another show I did watch was a reality show about teen age couples being put with toddlers, for a few days....then pre teens... They acted like there parents and handled the daily situations of parent hood. I am sure it taught them to use protection, and prevention. I am off now and I promise to shut the TV down and the putor and go out in reality and enjoy the day....I do have to work at 5 so I want to make the most of it!!! Happy Trails!!!!


Shannon H. said...

When (if) I get married again I am only paying for the marriage license and have the Justice of the Peace marry me. LOL I would rather spend my money on other things than a wedding.

bskaad said...

Hi Helena.

Wen i was in the start of your post, i was getting ready for marriage party, an then you say no.. You cant build us up to party and then say no .. :-)

Just kidding :-)

In Europe, the TV-shows take vacation too in the summer, so even on satellite there is not so much to look at.

Back to marriage again.
We kept it nice and cheap, a few friends and the very closest of the family. After the judge we vent to restaurant and then we hit the bar and party all night..

Shannon H. said...

PS: I tagged you for a fun little "Quirky" Meme/survey thingie :)

Helena said...

Shannon, Smart move! It is ridiculous the price people pay...My niece's wedding appitizers where little beef wellington, and all kinds of wonderfull things....Price way too much. Bsskad...My party wedding is still in the making....have to find place...look over menue...oh almost forgot...need the Mister Right...LOL