Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Postal Life....Another day at the Beach

Wow....I cann't believe it has been close to a month since I blogged. I would have loved to beem on Holiday the whole past month: but as reality hits home, it was mostly work that has kept me away. Still just a RCA, I swear I must be the longest freaking RCA in history. My route was suppose to be posted when Charlie retired 2.5 hundred years ago. But because of a new clause in the contract it remains open......waiting for auto sorting of first class mail....oops that has clause now waiting for auto sortation on magazines...have I mentioned here that the president of our union is a carrier on one of the 3 routes in the he is on the Executive Committee for the Union. And I think he is screwing the State Stewart. How ever you look at it I am getting screwed all around with no benefits. I would suggest any and all RCA's in the postal job field to drop out of the Union or never to join. The Union does nothing to support us and we are the backbone to this organization. Grant it when you get in trouble then you can join and perhaps the Union might represent you. I have spent 14 years in the Union and only with this last postmaster have I seeked their help....But I never totally got it. Ugh....did I mention rants..and yadda and the connection to PMS....Time to smile bite the bullet and get to work.....Happy Trails !!


bskaad said...

Hi Helena.
I start wonder where you were, But there you are.
I thought you did your vacation, but you where working ? When is your vacation then ?
any way, welcome back....

Helena said...

Bskaad, Hi I went straight from Holiday to work. And now I need another one, lol