Friday, July 18, 2008

No Friday's Feast This Am

Yikes, I finally got to sit and enjoy a Friday's Feast.....But the Chef is still sleeping. I went there...but the menu was the same as last week, so maybe it will freshen up as the day unfolds. Me I shall jump in the shower and stop procrasting going to work. Last month I gave the postmaster a slip saying I was to be out for 2 weeks in July. She needed it so she could do the scheduling. Yesterday she asked me where it was....I told her I gave it to you....she asked when I said a month ago.....OH no you didn't. I said if your desk was a little organized you would be able to find it. You give something to your boss and you don't expect them to loose it, but I guess they are human like the rest of us. I wounder what else she misplaces trying to do her job. I went back to the doctors and got a copy....I also copied it a few times. Maybe her hormones are acting up. A lot of times I hear how stupid she is, and from the customers that don't like going into the post office when she is waiting on customers. And a lot of times I hear " How the hell did she become a Postmaster. Lets just add that to another wounder of the world. For now Happy Trails!!!!


Helena said...

Update...Gave Boss the leave note, Again,,,,she looked humble like she wanted to say sorry, but her stuborn ass wouldn't let her.

Shannon H. said...

Your boss sounds like a big pain in the ass!