Sunday, June 29, 2008

Situation Sunday # 61

Seems like it gets later and later, with so many things to do on my day off. Boating came first.....Now on to Situations. Remember no CELL phones, and please leave your link.

Situation # 1

You and a friend are out exploring back roads in the mountains. It is raining pretty hard and lighting and thunder. It looks like 9pm with the skies so dark, but it is 11am in the morning. You are on a rugged road, that is dirt and only one lane. There is grass growing in the middle of the road, and that shows you not many cars travel this way. About 5 miles into the woods you notice a man walking, with no houses around you joke that it is a mountain man. 5 minutes later a tree crashes on your car, your companion is out cold with just a bump on their head, but they are trapped. You are able to get out. With thoughts running through your head about the movie Deliverance......What do you do?

Situation # 2
You are driving down the road and you notice the car in front of you hits a deer and doesn't even bother to stop. It has a fawn with it that is now all alone, and about 1 hour old. It runs and hides next to the road waiting for it's Momma to get up....Clearly it won't......What do you do?

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Shannon H. said...

#1 I would go find the man and see if he could help us. Otherwise I would have to start walking and find help.

#2 I would stop and make sure the momma was dead. Also, I would call the local police and ask them to get the wildlife folks down there to save the baby. If the baby would allow me to touch it I would put it in my car to keep it warm.