Thursday, July 03, 2008

Small Glimse Into My World

This past Sunday, I got off work at 9am, after a full day and night at the salt mines. Lucky for me { J } was just getting back from getting the papers. We headed onto the big boat and off to breakfast. It was a beautifull day. With the one day off I wanted to cram in as much fun as I could. We got off the river and headed to High Falls, It is such a gorgeous place, I would love to jump in there and swim. Times it is already 6:30 am....I wanna go look around my garden....go for a quick walk and take a shower and back to the salt mines......Happy Trails!!!


bskaad said...

Hi Helena.
You took the picture ? Nice one.

Are you doing your vacation or just weekend trips. I answered your "TAG YOUR IT" and posted it on to 5 others like you told me. I have to say it took longer then i was expecting but i finely came trough it.


Helena said...

Hi Bskaad, Yes I did take that picture. I have been taking just day trips around my county, soon I go on Holiday for 2 weeks, I can't wait. I will have to check out your tag. And news on the little princess!

Shannon H. said...

Beautiful photo! I wish I was there now :(

Happy Independence Day!!