Sunday, May 25, 2008

Situation Sunday # 58

Welcome, Please no cell phones to help you solve the Situations and leave your link. Thanks and Enjoy!!
Situation # 1
Your brother and his wife are taking a trip out of the country, for a second honeymoon. They are going to be gone 2 weeks and have asked you to watch the 2 boys, ages 12, and 15. The 3rd day there the youngests gets mad for you not letting them spend all there time playing X-box, and storms into their room. You give them time to cool off and go check on them......They have snuck out a window, night comes and they still are not there......What do you do?

Situation # 2
You are out hiking in a State Forest.....You and a friend....Three miles into the woods you come across what looks like a crashed UFO......What do you do?

Situation # 3
You are staying out to your brothers watching his children. Your boyfriend gets jeolous of the bond family has with you. He refuses to go biking ,hiking or anything. He says he might go boating but refuses to let you bring the kids.....What do you do?


Shannon H. said...

Howdy Helena! My responses are posted!

Have a great Sunday!

Shannon H. said...

I am having a pretty good weekend. Enjoy your time with the nephews!

Helena said...

Thanks Shannon!!