Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My updates

Yesterday was Memorial Day, It was a beautiful weather day at that. At least for those not marching. Johnathan had to be at 2 parades, One at 9am, the other at 11am. Which are about 15 or so miles apart. My alarm kept going off, but I looked so content he didn't have the heart to wake me till a little after 8. I made the mad dash to get caffine into my system, look presentable and off we went. We made it there with 5 minutes to spare. The second parade I thought was going to be in Hillsdale, so I told my one pt. who lives in that town we would take her, come to find out it wasn't there but farther away. I couldn't disapoint her so it was rush rush all the way. I was so proud of him marching. We all had a great day! The day before we road our bikes 5 miles to get a icecream cone, then 5 miles back.....whew that was fun! We also went hiking all the while including {J } which he declined every freaking invite and laid guilt trip after guilt trip on me for not being home, that is a whole another issue that I can write a book on, but it's to depressing so I won't go farther. I am now home for a few minutes then it is off to by night job, I have a cousin taking care of the boys tonight, so I can work with out worring.....teenages boys home with a 26 year old whats to worry right! Actually they are all good smart guys so I feel secure. My brother and sister in law did a great job raising them and teaching them right from wrong, and to have fun. This I am so proud of. I wish Midgie came out and joined us in some fun with her kids so the cousins could get to hang out a bit, but with just 3 more days to go, and she is so busy I just don't see that happening. Seems I invited her the same amount of times I asked { J },,,and nope. Oh well each there own right, time to get moving.....Happy Trails!!!

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