Friday, May 02, 2008

My Friday's Feast

Feast One Hundred & Eighty NineMay 2nd, 2008.
Appetizer: What was your favorite cartoon when you were a child? I recall answering this question not to long ago, and Casper came too mind. But I used to watch Puffin Stuff and loved the witch on it.
Soup: Pretend you are about to get a new pet. Which animal would you pick, and what would you name it? I thought when my Shepard dies, ( Which I love Shepard's) I would get a Terrier, they are so cute. But as I searched for a picture I found Tea cup Australian Shepard's, so now I need to flip a coin.

Salad: On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy getting all dressed up for a special occasion? I love getting dressed up, gives you the feeling of " I am so pretty", I'll get dressed up to go to the grocery store.
Main Course: What kind of music do you listen to while you drive? It all depends on my mood, yesterday it was Classical. Today it might be Rapp or Country. I also love Folk Music.
Dessert: When was the last time you bought a clock? And in which room did you put it?
Last year I bought a Large clock and put it in my patients room in the Nursing home. For my self I can't recall buying a clock in 20 years.


Marsha said...

Yep, it's been confirmed at every site I've been to so far, I'm the only one who doesn't like getting dressed up!

My Ginger is half Australian Shepherd but I've never seen the teacup variety... hmmmm. I might have to check those out!

Have a great weekend and please join my feast if you can.

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Princess Vien said...

Great Feast. Mine is up now. Hope you can visit.

Simply Shannon said...

I like Casper too.

You could get a Terrier and a tea cup Australian Shepard :)

I don't like getting dressed up but I do like to feel pretty now and then :)