Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ATM trip

Started two new cases this week. Breaks up the humdrum, dealing with different people. One patient is a elderly stroke patient, the other justs needs companionship. So besides my Alzheimer gentle man I now have 2 others to help, which I just love doing. All have different levels of care, so it always keeps on changing. Also today I did another mail route, not the usual 2 I do in a week. I am really surprise my head can take all these changes and names, and still function, lol. One thing I can deal with is old people, or sick people. What I have a hard time dealing with is stupid, people. Yesterday I went to the drive thru ATM, see the key word here was DRIVE Thru...Not walk up....Well I waited there while, this walk up guy tried 3 times to retrieve cash, each time looking at the receipt the machine chucks out....Finally as he tried on the 4Th time...I said " You know it's taking you so long, they took your car. Finally as he left and I started to pull forward, here comes this young mother with her kid running all around....Hello folks this is a Drive thru ATM! I told her, you know there is a walk up window to use right around the building. What if I was just pulling into the Drive thru and her kid was playing , makes you wonder how these folks made it so far as they did. Ok...that was my pet peeve of yesterday. Today was good, busy and so glad I didn't have to go to the ATM again......Happy Trails!

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Simply Shannon said...

LOL I love that cartoon!