Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meme and Thoughts

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Do you like anchovies? Have you tried them? I really don't care for them, but I do like them in Cesar salad dressing, and I use them in a special spaghetti sauce recipe, I think it is a Sicilian sauce where you put anchovies and raisins in it, is awesum!

Again I did not post a 13 Thursday list, it seemed to long to do when you are pressed for time. I have been sooo busy lately, doing more jobs than a illegal Mexican. My one patient who has Alzheimer's disease, we tell him we are part of his team, and I like that term or meaning. And it got me thinking about my own team and who is on it....besides my family, who would do anything to help me, I have 2 good friends that I can count on. Karen and Linda. And I am glad they are on my team. (J) I don't feel is on my team, I am on his thou. If I needed him to do something, he does it with regret and anger. He feels like a houseboy, but he doesn't comprehend it is not like that, it just helps me in time. I always feel if you cann't do it with love ion your heart , just don't do it, and to him it is a freakin burden. I wish he wasn't like that. So think who is on your team. And let me know the answer. Happy Trails!!

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Simply Shannon said...

I don't like anchovies.

Quit working so hard! :)

Helena said...

I posted this thinking it was Thursday, thats how busy I have been, But I have Next Thursday Totally off! Yippie!!!