Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How I so need to.....

Update, like every freakin thing. Is it like this for every body, or just people in my mind zone of 30. Shhhh, don't tell the freaking body we are really past that. I seem to always have a 100 and 1 things to do, but yet only because I make it so. Seems I have put my whole life on a schedule and I seem to be running out trying to cram all in that I want to. {J} warned me I will have a head ache in the morning; great must be because of the spinal tap procedure and the Dr.'s orders of ice your back for the next 24 hours and not to drive. I did not hear them say no Vino'. I also went straight from the procedure....where they gave me a sedation to relax me, to my friend Jenn's and was getting her home in order for arrival. She has been gone way to long. But when you have the money and no ties I don't blame her....did I mention Dam her. Only kidding she is a sweetheart. I wish I had her life. Grant it having ambitious parents helped. My Dad was like I am, we enrolled in the spend as you go program. Course had it much harder with 8 kids, unfortunately for them, oops I mean me....he put them last. But if you could put thought of...into pennies....I would have been one rich little inheritance child. But...mind you now, he has given me the gift of not to worry, and my Mom in the belief of God that every thing will work out. I have a lot of shit happening with in my walls that very few can even imagine....but I put them and their worries on a shelf; OK...could be the top shelf...but I will go on thinking with the Right side of my brain- Dam it's been a long time since I said this...BUT..Happy Trails!!!

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