Friday, February 08, 2008

TGIF......Ya Think?

{Ok, This was posted in the am,,,Whew-...My links are back!!}Friday, I so look foward to Friday's Feast Meme. But when I went there I saw.........Friday’s Feast will be back next week. We’re experiencing some technical difficulties, as you can see....Well I can relate. I took am having freaking TD's, Where is my places I journey too? My favorite blogs and I can not find them,,,If you where on there,send me your link again,,Please...bskaad,Jennifer,& Jenn. Also Katie,Midgie. I had it by blogrolling. For today I shall try some new Memes:
....Category: Four For Friday
February 1, 2008

Q1 - Crime: Is there a crime, which if it wasn't illegal, you would gladly commit? Bank Lifting,,,{Bank Robbing}
Q2 - Immigration: According to recent figures, the conflict in Iraq has forced over 2,000,000 Iraqi citizens to fee the country. Most are stuck in limbo in neighboring countries like Syria and Jordan, while a few (up to 12,000 for the year 2008) are allowed to seek asylum here in the United States. Given our government and military's actions in Iraq, do you think we should open our boarders to more Iraqi refugees or is 12,000 enough?Sorry, but that is enough.
Q3 - Donations: Have you ever donated money to a presidential candidate? If so, looking back on your donation, do you think it was money well spent? Related: Have you donated--or do you plan on donating--money to someone running for the Presidency this time around?Have in the past,a dollar when filing taxes, but no more.
Q4 - Keys: How many keys are on your keychain, and do you know what all of them are for?
There are 4 keys, One for each blazer and a house key.

Friday Fiver
Friday Fiver, LJ's Original Friday Meme.
wait 1. What are you set on? Enjoying my journey in life. 2. What do you have to do right?Everything, I do.3. Have any kids? No, just Godkids, and lots of nieces and nephews,4. Are you patient?That is my gift, I am extremely patient with people that need it.5. Friday fill-in:I know if I put my mind to it __I will be content with all____.

Happy Trails All!!

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