Saturday, February 09, 2008


{This is a old favorite shot taken at the state fair}
I checked to see if Friday's Feast was fixed, nope not yet. But I did find these:..

Freaky Friday Questions
Friday Feast is down for the week, so I decided to come up with some random questions just for fun :)Freaky Friday Questions

What are some of your favorite websites? All the sites of my Journey list,{Which was up last night and gone this am, UGH!

If you had boy/girl twins today, what would you name them? Hanna, Jarrad

What was your favorite grade in elementary school?Kindergarden, and secound grade Did you have a favorite teacher? Yes, Mrs.Brown

What types of punishment did your parents use while you were growing up?Slapped, or hit with a belt., which was very rare, I can only recall 2 times and now that I look back I can still say, it was unjustifed.

Which were most effective on you? Perhaps

Can you parallel park?Yes, I do it every day. Sometimes on the left side to.

Did you have to parallel park for your driving exam? Yes, and I ran up on the side walk, and still passed.
Now it is 6:30 am Time to rush and get ready for work- Happy Trails all!

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Aisha said...

Beautiful! Nice shot! :)