Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Thirteen Thursday List

Thirteen Placed I Have Surfed

On the Web

1} New York Lottery= Nope didn't win today.

2} Yahoo, E-mail = Blogger Review's,& Spam

3} Bskaad, blog= My favorite blog, from Norway.

4} Bloody Mary Ghost Storie= Went there from watching

Ghost Whispers, interesting.

5} The School Bus Driver= A favorite blog I like to read,

and a #1 player on Situation Sunday. And a mother of a very smart

beautful child.

6} Enjoying The Ride= Another favorite blog, a crafty

funny lady, and mother of 3 beautiful children.

7} Midgies Blog= My little sister, and a unbelievable mother of 4

beautiful children, how she juggles like,kids,family is amazing.

8} Modular Home Sales= Need to prepare for when I win the lottery!

9} Walmart Free Samples= A great site to get things in the mail, for free!

10} Verizon E-mail= My email from friends and family

11} place I found surfing that you can watch free movies

12} NetFlex movies= I just signed up, and I love it!

13} Facebook= Something else I am trying.

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Jennifer said...

Ok, so now you have to add me to your facebook! LOL....

Helena said...

I am sorta new to facebook, trying to figure it all out. Next time I go in it, I shall.