Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Caught up

This was the sky the on Sunday night when I was on my way home from Bobby's.It looks like a fire, but it is not,the clouds were just amazing that day. I spent Saturday night hanging out with 2 of the nephews,they are awesum kids. We watched a really awefull movie : Deul. We all thought it would have been good being a Steven Spielburg. But I think this was written hundreds of years before he actually could write a good film. Sunday morning we watched Underworld. That was much better, They enjoyed more than I thou,lol. We also went to their school to watch my Goddaughters basketball game and give them a chance to hang out with their cousins. That was fun,even though she lost. I enjoyed being the Aunt and favorite to all of them. { I try to spoil them, the best I can}. Yesterday we went over to shriners hospital to see Mikie, another great nephew of mine. He had his right foot operated on. He
had a hammertoe straightened out. I am sure it must have been very sore for him for a while. The put a rode in to straighten it out. Eventually the rod will have to be removed. And they will have to do the other foot in September. He comes home today with a cast on his foot, no preasure put on it till I don't know when. The kid loves to fish and go icefishing so this will put a halt to it for a while. I made him a huge pillow, the shape of a Coho Salmon so he will just love it I am sure. Well I worked last night, went and picked up Moma's laundry and shall do that up. Go out to Midgies and help get Mikie in the house. And go to the gym, which I should have been to already this day, but once the computor goes on it is hard to drag my but away from---so with the energy slowly draining from my fingers I shall wish : Happy Trails

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