Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Pics

These are some cool shots from the the past few days. I just love the snow when it is fresh and falling. You can get some great shots in. I did hate delivering the mail in it. Even in four wheel drive it was tricky. Our mail count began on Saturday and the count was really low, I had 3 pieces of 3rd class mail. For 500 people that is very strange. What also I thought was strange was the postmaster being at the post office alone on Sunday, I would think that management should not be alone during a count, should be interesting to see what happens. On to another note on Sunday it was "ladies" day for me. Midgie and Karen and I went out to lunch then to Kohls shopping. When we got to the store it was being evacuated for a alarm going off, that figures I waited so long to go there then that, ugh! We headed to the mall and goofed off. Later on in the day we went to my friend Mary's for a Adult Toy party. That was sooo much fun!! We all spent money and had a great time. On the way home we hit the porn store to see what they had. It is unbelievable the crap out there that people "must" have to get off. From blow up dolls to blow up body parts. They did have also a lot of fun things there, from body glitter to glow in the dark lotion. We had a hoot. Of course when I got home and put the edible dusting powder on I got the reaction from {J} that I thought....Get the F**k away from me....I am not licking that. lol...I only had it on my wrist, for God sakes. So much for that! Midgie got the same reaction from her {J}....Your not putting that on me...LOL, I am soooo sure Karen made out much better with her man than us. Well now on to new adventures.....Happy Trails!!!

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