Sunday, February 24, 2008

Situation Sunday # 47

Welcome to Situation Sunday! There are 2 rules; Rule #1 No cell phones to help you in the Situation. Rule #2 Leave your link if you are playing or posting any of the Situations.{ When I reach #51, this meme will be private, so leave your link} Now on with the show!
Situation # 1
You have lived in your house for many of generations. The property next door is for sale. Your great Grandfather planted a huge tree that is right on the boarder of both properties. You love adore that tree as part of the history of it as much as it looks. People have purchased the place next door and want that tree removed. Half of it's root system is on theirs and yours. What do you do?

Situation #2

You are lying in your second floor bedroom. Looking up at the stars at night through the skylight window. All of the sudden you hear a loud thump on the roof. The next thing you see out of the skylight window is this creature that is naked. It has arms and legs, the anatomy of a man, but also a long tail. Clearly you realize this creature is not of this world. You reach for the phone and it is dead......What do you do?

Situation # 3

You have been selected to appear on Oprah's Big Give, it is a new competition where she gives you a million dollars to give away along with 10 others. You have to give it all away the quickest , and the meaning the neediest and most deserving....What do you do?


PrasaAravind said...

Helena, It is very difficult to comment on Your Situation Sunday #47. The Tree which was planted by our Great Grandfather is having the same affection of our Great Grandfather. Of course, we are looking at the Tree as our Great Grandfather. The only way left with us is that try to come in a mutual understanding with the people who purchased the place and request them, not remove the tree because it is our Great Grandfather. Even if they are planning to remove it, I know that it will hurt you, forget it, since your great grandfather is already in the Heaven and enjoying by watching all these comedies taking place at his ancestral House.

Ryan Velting said...

Situation #1 - Burn the neighbors house down forcing them to move..

Situation #2 - Grab the shotgun...

Situation #3 - This would actually really take a good deal of thought - much more than I am capable of at this juncture.. =) I'd most likely give it away to some combination of church, homeless ministries, and I'm not exactly sure what else..

I'm terribly sorry that I have not been around much lately. Thank you for stopping by so regularly, and for the thoughts after the accident and during my recovery. You know I very much appreciate it. =)

Helena said...

Prasaaravind: Thank you very much for stopping by. The tree really is not mine it is a made up situation to see how one would deal with it. Thanks for saying how you would handle it, if it was you.
Ryan, Thank you too for stopping by and playing. I sure hope all is going better these days for you, my next stop is to your blog to see how it is going :>)