Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Well the New Year has came in on a good note for me. I went to the Turning Stone Casino on Sunday. It was when I celebrated the New Year. My little brother was there with one of my favorite sister in law. My little sister was there with her whole family, I was with { J }. I found that I don't need to play the slot machines to have fun......Yup I took up poker. I played 3 card, and blackjack. And I came home a grand happier so that was sweet. And I found out I was pretty good at it. Call it beginners luck but I had a blast. We ate at my favorite restaurant.....I had fillet Mignon, and { J } had this exellent pasta dish. I got commped $30 so that helped a lot on the bill, even thou my entree was $32. But to me it was worth it. Our waitress was exellent. We had her our first time there, and every other time we went back we got someone less than good to say the least, so we were lucky again.....On to another note thou- When I got home it was New Years eve....I had to go to work at 4pm, I was suppose to get off at 11 am the next day, but we were having a snow storm and the girl coming in to relief me didn't come.....I asked the one in charge and who was coming back at 7pm to come early. She was hung over a bit and couldn't come till 5pm. In the mean time her niece and nephew who is POA and a lawyer came and told her she will be going into a assisted living on Thursday am. She cried and was very upset.....can you imagine giving up your home of 94 years and told have 24 hours to decide what you will be bringing. She will be in a private room and can come out and socialize should she choose. Well she's freaking deaf and if you don't know sign language how is she going to comunicate. I tried to teach her some sign language the months I have been there, but what she obsorbed is hard to say. I bought her a dry eraser board and makers, hopefully some one will take the time and try to comunicate with her. I feel so bad for her. It's things like this that make me wish I had a home on a ground floor with extra bedrooms I would take her in. This is why I wanna win the lottery and get a house with 5 or 6 bedrooms all on ground floor. These people work their whole lives thinking they will be set till they die in their homes or with their families, but what it all comes done too is the majority of the times they get to be a burden, and the money looks better in their pockets than care spent on them......Spend your kids inherintence and enjoy your life. It was very sad to say goodbye to her......I promised to visit her next week. And I shall post about her again, even thou the for her there might not be any......Happy Trails!!

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