Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thirteen Things to do in 2008

1} I want to read more, {I get magazines in the mail, and never get to read them.}

2} I want to pay off my charge cards.

3} Lower my Triglycerides, {less red meat}

4} Eat more fish, and fresh veggies

5} Loose about 20lbs, { Then I will be a happy Chic.}

6} Visit the Podiatrist { Just seems like the thing to do, since it's covered under insurance, and a pedicure is not, lol}

7} Camp more

8} Join the Kayak club, { Kayaking every Thursday night, then out to dinner}

9} Do more visiting and hanging out with the family.

10} More boating on the big boat.

11} More Hiking

12} Plant a vegetable garden

13} Work Less

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jenn said...

We love camping! The kayak club sounds like fun too.
Happy tt, my friend!

Gattina said...

that doesn't sound so difficult, lol!

Sassy Lucy said...

Great goals....makes me wish I had added more camping onto my list which is also 2008 goals.

Diana said...

Fun list! Happy New Year!

Nicholas said...

Kayaking and boating sound fun! have a great 2008!