Friday, January 04, 2008


OMG....I watched so much TV these last few days, Last night I watched this show that I knew a friend would be watching and I just wanted the conection. It was a show he liked and he used to call it the boob it's the boob and butt show. How he came to that title is a mystery to me. The show is about spirits, and seeing the dead. Oh, well men or boys you figure them out.....I can't. The next show.....Moon light I totally loved! It had vampires in it, and it was good. They used to have a show on Lifetime I loved watching about Vampires.....but it either changed hours or is off and this is one I love. It kept me on the edge of my seat. And away from the putor world.Now it is AM, and to much TV has made me late getting up and for work......YIKES!! Happy Trails!!!

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Samantha Winters said...

Hi Helena–

I have been a big fan of Saturday 8 for a long time. I used to love to play every Saturday. Now that Lola is not publishing weekly, it has left a void. So, a while ago I decided to try my hand at a weekly meme. I’m calling it “Saturday 9” to salute the fine work Lola, and before that Laura have done. I’ve got everything in place now but readers.

I wanted to wait until I was sure I’d be as committed as you need to be. I now have enough under my belt to know I can do this. I’m writing to all who have participated in Saturday 8 to give us a try. When Lola posts, feel free to stay with her, but if not, join us. Thanks for reading this. I hope you join us!! Our address is !


Samantha Winters