Sunday, December 02, 2007

Situation Sunday # 35

Situation Sunday # 35

Situation # 1

You have a Blog and every time you post something you receive either a comment or a E-mail from a unkown person.....critizing every thing you write about. This goes on for months and you finally figure out who it is......It is either your sister in law, or your closest friend.....What do you do?

Situation # 2

Your best friend is a lot of fun and you have a great time when you are hanging out doing things. But most of the times she lies to you about every thing. Small, little and Big things. When you confront her she just makes up another lie.....How do you handle this?

Situation # 3

It is getting close to Christmas. You have just been out shopping for food and gifts. As you are driving home you notice a lady by the side of the road. Her car has a flat tire and has run out of gas....You stop to help and she starts crying,,,,uncontrollably....Telling you how hard her life is....She has 3 children at home being watched by her frail mother. She is out of food...has no money for gifts and just dose not know what to do.....What do you do?

Situation # 4

Someone from your past has died....A grandparent. They have been dead a year. All of the sudden around your house you keep getting the feeling you are not alone....Then it happens you see their ghost every where you go.....It is trying to warn you of something, but you can't figure it out......What do you do?


Jennifer said...

How is your week going? Great situations as usual.

Helena said...

Hey Jennifer, I went over to your place and read....Great as usual. Dam I wish we had more players...Will take it to 50. Email me any situations you'd liketo see here. Purhaps I'll write a book...50 situations { The Best of} and how would you handle it.

jenn said...

I came by a few times yesterday morning,(it wasn't posted yet) but then got busy with boo's party and didn't check back until late, and by then I was loopy on lortabs. Anyway, you know I like to play, and I'll be back next week.

Jennifer said...

I enjoy playing, so no issues here. I don't really care who else plays. I do visit when I see other players though, so the more the merrier.