Saturday, December 01, 2007


Last night I went to sleep early, a little after 9pm, I put Butt Paste on my hands. My poor hands get such a mess doing the mail. The cold, and frequent washing make them dry and paper cuts come quickly. If no-one has ever heard of Butt Paste, do a Google search on it, Some guy invented it, figures it has such a funny name. But it works. Great on wrinkles to. Today I gotta rush through the day, the Winter Walk is tonight. Midgie is coming with my Goddaughter, and my nephews.

Last year Johny wanted to leave,,,,to cold,,hates crowds, and {J} was the same way, so off they went home.....I expect the same this year, lol. Also Katie and Bobby might come, I tried talking my nephew Johnathan into it. Him and RJ have never went on one, I think it will be fun. Well eat hot chili, and hot Cider and Cocoa to keep warm. Can't wait!! Listening to the news this morning is crazy......Coach in N. Jersey arrested for making 2 students video them fondling them selves, for his own personal use. Freaking Wacko! And also the guy that held hostages at the Hillery Campaign center in NH. What was he thinking off. These people need Meds!! Then I heard Sargent Peterson who killed his wife....wants his possessions back, as he claims Innocent....I shout out Guilty, Take all his possessions and give them to a Women's battered shelter. And the weather calls for snow on Sunday,,,,lets again see the weatherman change it......Wells that's my half a news story in a nut shell.......Happy Trails!!!!

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Have fun tonight!