Sunday, November 04, 2007

Situation Sunday #31

Situation #1
You are vacationing in North Caroline, ( With whom ever you choose) You are at a beach resort. You have brought along a metal detector and you and your friend have found a small treasure that Black Beard has buried. Do you keep it and its fortune, or turn it over to the state of N.C. What will you choose to do?

Situation #2
You are staying at this large hotel in a big city. As you look out your window at night, you can clearly make out the next large building and see into the other windows. You notice that down a few floors in the other hotel there seems to be a couple kissing and hugging, then in a split second the woman slaps the man. Then the man pulls out a gun and shoots her. He then turns towards the window and sees you.......He pulls the curtains closed. You collect your thoughts and call the police. They go over and search the hotel and finds nothing. The room that you say it happened in has not even been filled, they have not had a reservation in there in the past 3 days. The next day you go back home to your town. You notice over the next couple of days.....your phone rings and there is no one at the other end.......What do you do?

Situation #3
You have won a trip for 2, to Hawaii. All expenses paid for. The
trip includes air fair,2 week stay at a very plush hotel and $5000. for food and expenses. You are
afraid to death of fliing. You can not cash the trip in, nor give it to some-one else. What do you do?
{ This one J thought up}


meowminx said...

I will have mine posted up in a moment. It's here.

jenn said...

I'm late getting it done, but it's up. My answers are short and (sorta) sweet cause I'm tired, but I hope you'll continue next week!

meowminx said...

Something was wrong with my post. I got it all fixed now! Thanks for stopping by! ~Have a great week!