Tuesday, November 06, 2007

News And what I think

What do you think of this?

LUXOR, Egypt (AP) — King Tut's face was unveiled for the first time in public — more than 3,000 years after the youngest and most famous pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt was shrouded in linen and buried in his golden underground tomb.

I think it is a shame. To dig up a body that has been layed to rest3,000 years ago. I don't care if it was a King or a peasant, he was layed to rest! No one should have even entered his tomb. If there isn't a curse there should be!


Ok, here is some fun news. A grandmother received a blog from her stingy grandson for her birthday, it has made a hit in the blog world....check it out!

With 60,000 regular readers so far, Lopez's homely mix of memory and chat, available at http://amis95.blogspot.com/, attracts regular readers from around the world and has put her back in touch with the younger generation in a way she had never imagined.

I will check that out later,,,now on to more fun news stuff ( I hate bad news....grant it its out there and I just choose to be blind to it. I sure it will upset all the politically correct people, but let them argue that.

Today is election day across the country, a time when many people head to polls - and many do not.It's a blessing to live in a democratic country where we can freely hold elections and have a say in who runs our towns, cities, states and country. However, especially when it's not a presidential election year, many among us don't bother to take time to vote.
I will go vote later today, I have my mind made up on who I want for Mayor, And who I want as DA for my town. Alder person, I will think about it. It is a average size ward for a small town so the choses are well know I won't wait up for the results, I will know in the morning. But actually it takes days to tally up all the snow birds that have flown the coop for the winter, and really they should not even be allowed to vote: they are only here half a week. Also I don't think that those that just come up for the weekend and holiday's, that reside most of the time in NYC, or Jersey. or actually any where out of the county. Well time to get my butt to work. I have issues with that that I will discuss at a later date....Happy trails for now!!!! And a joke for Jenn
After being away on business, Tim thought it would be nice to bring his wife a little gift.
"How about some perfume?" he asked the cosmetics clerk.
She showed him a bottle costing $50.00.
"That's a bit much," said Tim, so she returned with a smaller bottle for $30.00.
"That's still quite a bit," Tim complained.
Growing annoyed, the clerk brought out a tiny $15.00 bottle.
"What I mean," said Tim, "is I'd like to see something really cheap."
The clerk handed him a mirror.


jenn said...

I agree with you. Once anyone is laid to rest, they should stay there. Leave them alone.

Thanks for the funny!

Helena said...

I am sure a lot of others would agree to!