Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday's Yadda

I see this am Friday's Feast was posted late; I have no time to do that and blog. I allow just a hr. in the morning on the pc, for all I want to do and believe me if I didn't have to go to work I would be on it much longer. Tonight I will have no putor time, I will race my job delivering the mail, shop for some supper; run home pack up and out the door to the homecare case till Sunday morning.....I hope to get off at 11am. I will bring my lap top and try to get on early to do a Situation Sunday- If the stats are down that shall be the last one! Last night was Ladies Night out. Karen and I went back to the Italian Resteraunt, the first one we visited where the waiter/management waited on us. The guy has a thing for her,lol in more ways than one. At first she didn't really like him but that is starting to differ. The meal was great, I even managed to talk her into turning off her cell phone! After dinner we went back to my place for a coctail, and this week she did not venture into her other vise which I am glad. I don't know if it has stopped all together, but I am hoping. I walked her 1/2 to her job and watched as she went the rest of the way. She really hates doing home care, and in actuallity she is not doing anything there but babysitting. The only personal care she does is tieing her shoes. Tonight I get to go and spoil her with attention, and conversation. Karen hates when the Pt. says call Helena up about whatever, she knows everything....And she sits with me and talks..( writes down conversation , she is deaf) If the lady could and I was available she would have me there all the time! But, I do not want that, I have done that for years, I need a break from being in charge. Well now its time to rush around like a mad person, shall posts a few jokes for Jenn, check out her site on my list; I seem to have her in 2 places..oops. Happy Trails!!!!!
############################################The Old SailorRay, an old retired sailor, puts on his old uniform and heads for the docks once more, for old times sake. He engages a prostitute and takes her up to a room. He's soon going at it as well as he can for a guy his age, but needing some reassurance, he asks, How am I doing?" The prostitute replies, "Well Ray, you old sailor, you're doing about three knots." "Three knots?" he asks. "What's that supposed to mean?" She says, "You're knot hard, you're knot in, and you're knot getting your money back."

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jenn said...

Thanks for the laugh! I needed it.