Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week up date

Well this has been a very long hectic week for me. I have been busting my butt on the route from Hell. actually it is a very nice route with some great shots I could take, but trying to make dead line is crazy. With the holiday last Monday everything has been crazy to say the least. Linda who usually does the route is on Holiday down to the Outer Banks, in N. Carolina having a great time. I started this post last Thursday, And realized it was Thirteen Thursday day {Meme), and I never finished it. I have taken on another home care case, helping

one of my closest friends take care of a elderly friend of hers, I really only wanted one day a week, and maybe 1or 2 nights. So I gave her a number of another friend, Linda M, she worked one week, and had to leave. She had another case, that she did 4 hrs. a day, for more pay and now they offered her more hours. I don't blame her, since I found that case and gave it to her. So now all my free time again I am working. This lady is sweet, she is 90 and deaf, so she needs some-one with lots of patience and skilled worker. That's is one gift God bestode on me, I have all the compassion and patience dealing with geriatrics's. I don't think thou when {J} gets older and I am older, that I will have the patience to deal with him. Or him dealing with me, LOL. Today he left by 6am, to pull the boat out. I will finish my update, later today, I am running late, again,,,ugh,,,HAPPY TRAILS!!!!!!!!!

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jenn said...

When you get a moment, come by and see me. I have a little Halloween treat for you!