Thursday, October 04, 2007

13 Thursday, Camping Trip


Things About My Last Camping Trip

1} We went to Norrie State Park

2} Located between Rhinebeck + HydePark,NY.

3} As usual {J} did all the cooking, :>).

4} The park has 51, camping sites, and 10 cabins.

5} Bingo loved it, dog friendly park.

6} Lots of Historical places to go to near by.

7} Right near the park is a store, that makes

the best homade salads, and baked beans.

8} Boat Launch

9} A very nice area, right by the river { Hudson River}

for a cook out.

10} A great place to Kayak

11} Park has numerous hiking trails, Blue , Yellow

White , and Red Trails.

12} HOT water showers

13} A definitely one of my favorites!
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Bloggers said...

Great post- I love camping but have not been in years.

My 13 is up on

Working at Home Mom

WFMom said...

Sounds fantastic. Especially the warm showers and good kayaking - how fun!! Great list.

jenn said...

My family went camping for the first time in July. We all loved it!
Happy TT!

Damozel said...

It sort of makes me wish I hadn't sworn off camping 15 years ago...I think I'm a bit too old to sleep on the ground or in a tent or even in a cabin....