Saturday, September 29, 2007

Situation Sunday #26

Situation # 1
Your spouse has gone away on a business trip. They are going to be gone a week. When they get home, they seem a little strange at first, but as days go by all is normal. One night you just can't sleep, you try but your still awake. So you get up to watch some TV. You happen to turn on " To Catch A Predator".
On that show you happen to see your spouse being caught, and charged what do you do?

Situation #2
You have no children. You are in a relationship for numerous years. It really is not going any where-Day in day out same old humdrom. You love each other but affection is taken for granted, days go by with out a hug. Could you give up your Job-Home, to travel the globe with some one you feel is your true soul mate. Never coming back to where you started from. Could you do it in search of happiness and adventure.

Situation # 3
You are out shopping in a mall. You have purchased numerous items through-out the whole day. You have bags of purchases. In one store you are accused of stealing merchandise. Hunt as you may you can not locate a sales receipt for the are about to be arrested. What do you do.


Jennifer said...

Mine is up! Have a great Sunday.

Joana said...

I got mine up this week! ^_^

rae7209 said...

i've posted mine on my blog. thankx