Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Thursday's Thirteen

Great Near By Spots To Visit

Suggested by Helena

1} Lake Taconic
Swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, x-Skiing

(bring a canoe or kayak}

2} BashBish Falls


3} Olana

{ Home of Fredrick Church} Hiking, Nature

capturing, picnic

4} Tanners ville- North Lake

Camping,hiking,Nature capturing,picnic

X-skiing, bike trails. Near by Down Hill Skiing

5} Hudson, NY

Over 100, Antique Shops, Great Places to Dine,

A Fabulous Winter Walk in December.Boat launch

6} Clermont

State Park, Great views of the river, Historic site

of the Livingston's Home. Hiking, Picinicking


7} Hunter NY

Down Hill Skiing, Festivals, Shops, Dinning

8} Saugerties

Home of the famous Garlic Festivals, This year

it is on the weekend of 10/29-10/30

9} Albany

The Capitol of NY- Everything a big city has to offer

Shows, Museums,Shops,Dinning, Shopping, Parks

Boat launch

10} Lenox, MA

Tangle Wood, Shops, Dinning

11} Kingston, NY

Malls, Dinning, Parks, Boat Launch

12} Athens, NY

I just love this little town, River access

13} Rhinebeck, NY

Shops, Dinning, Fair Grounds, That host a wide variety

of events from a fair- to wine tasting-car shows-craft fairs
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jenn said...

They all sound like fun!

Xakara said...

Sounds like a great time. :)

Happy TT


Damozel said...

"BashBish falls"??? Love it.

That's a part of the world I don't know (upstate New York?) Sounds pretty appealing to me, even speaking as a Floridian!

Rasmenia said...

Hmm...I'm intrigued by the Garlic Festivals.

I've been to NY state a couple of times, but can see that I've missed out on some really fun stuff...

Happy Thursday! :)

Robin said...

I don't know exactly where you are, but both of my parents grew up in that area and a number of relatives still live there. I grew up going to the Rhinebeck Fair, boating and camping on North Lake, going out for lunch in Hudson (back before it got gentrified), and have been to most of the places you listed. Have you been swimming at Slippery Rock? I live on the other side of the world now, so this was a fun walk down memory lane. Thanks :).

Nicholas said...

I've actually been to one of those! Albany.